Useful information for private patients undergoing surgery

All private operations are carried out at Springfield Hospital . 
The operating list runs every Monday afternoon, starting at 13.30 hrs. Bookings for surgery are made with Mr Pace-Balzan directly in clinic or with his secretary by phone on Tel 01371 856167.
Surgery is carried out by Mr Pace-Balzan and the anaesthetist is Dr Nick Huddy.
You will receive information from Springfield Hospital prior to your admission but you may find the following helpful :-


Admission for surgery is usually at 11.30am

Patients undergoing general anaesthesia 

can eat normally until 07.30 hrs on the day of surgery. They should not eat anything or drink anything milky or with bits after 07.30 hrs but can drink clear liquids (water or squash) until 11.00 hrs.


Patients are seen by Mr Pace-Balzan and Dr Huddy before the operation. Mr Pace-Balzan will ask you to sign your consent form and will be happy to answer any questions you may still have regarding the operation. Dr Huddy will assess you for the anaesthetic and will be happy to answer any questions about the anaesthetic.


Mr Pace-Balzan and Dr Huddy will see you after the operation on Monday evening and again on Tuesday, prior to your discharge.
Drugs to take home and sick notes when required will be given to you prior to discharge. A follow-up clinic appointment will be sent to you within three weeks of surgery.

Problems or Queries post-operatively 

If you have any problems or queries post-operatively please telephone Springfield Hospital on Tel 01245 234080.
During office hours you may telephone Mr Pace-Balzan's secretary on Tel 01371 856167.
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